List of Local Businesses

The City of Lowen lists local businesses on our website as a courtesy to business owners and for the convenience of our citizens. Any reference in this website to any person, organization, activity, product, service or link to another website does not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation or favoring to a specific product, process or service and does not constitute or imply an endorsement by the City of Lowden, its employess or contractors acting on its behalf.



 A through F

Name: AgVantage FS
Business Farm Supplies & Service/Fuel/Oil/Propane
Address: 102 Washington Avenue
Phone: 563-941-5367

Name: American Legion

Business Type: Military Services/Bar/Hall Rentals
Address: 606 Main Street
Phone: 563-941-5548

Name: American Trust & Savings Bank

Business Type: Bank
Address: 309 McKinley Avenue
Phone: 563-941-5391
Web Address:

Name: C&R Pitstop/Cedar Country Store

Business Type: Convenience Store/Gas/Groceries/Food
Address: 2250 Highway 30
Phone: 563-941-7659

 G through L

Name: Good Times
Business Type: Bar/Restaurant
Address: 515 Main Street
Phone: 563-941-5213

Name: J&J Grocery

Business Type: Groceries/Meat/Beer/Wine
Address: 510 Main Street
Phone: 563-941-5883

Name: JJJ Enterprise

Business Type: Escavating Contractor
Address: 2135 160th Street
Phone: 563-941-7740

Name: Lincoln Hotel

Business Type: Bed & Breakfast Hotel/Motel
Address: 408 Main Street
Phone: 563-941-7563

Name: Little Knights Learning Center

Business Type: Daycare/Child/Baby
Address: 602 8th Street
Phone: 563-941-7790

Name: Lowden Dental Associates

Business Type: Dental
Address: 305 McKinley Avenue
Phone: 563- 941-7659

Name: Lowden Floor Coverings

Business Type: 500 Main Street
Address: Floors/Carpet/Tile
Phone: 563-941-7561

Name: Lowden Insurance Agency
Business Type: Insurance
Address: 518 Main Street
Phone: 563-941-7300

Name: Lowden Plumbing & Heating
Business Type: Residential, Business & Agricultural Plumbing & Heating
Address: 616 Main Street
Phone: 563-941-7701
Web Address:


 M through R

Name: Main Street Style
Business Type: Hair Salon
Address: 511 Main Street
Phone: 563-941-7706

Name: Midwest Auto Sales & Service
Business Type: Auto Repair/Car Sales
Address: 407 Main Street
Phone: 563-941-5447

Name: Norton Baumann & Surls, PLLC
Business Type: Attorney/Bookeeping Services/Tax Service
Address: 504 Main Street

Name: Olsen Appliance and Hardware
Business Type: Appliance Sales/Service
Address: 502 Main Street
Phone: 563-941-5800

Name: P&K Midwest
Business Type: Farm Supplies/Golf Cart Repair/Lawn & Garden Equipment/Tractor Sales/Repair
Address: 2157 Old Lincoln Highway
Phone: 563-941-5393

Name: Rex Feed & Elevator

Business Type: Farm Supplies & Service
Address: 81 Main Street
Phone: 563-941-5402


 S through Z

Name: 3/30 Golf & Country Club
Business Type: 
Address: 301 Country Club Lane
Phone: 563-941-7695

Name: US Post Office
Business Type: United States Postal Service
Address: 308 Washington Avenue
Phone: 563-941-7775

City of Lowden, Iowa