Garbage pickup is every Wednesday except for some holidays throughout the year. A garbage calendar is available from city hall or you can downloaded  a copy from our website. As a reminder, please do not set out garbage more than 12 hrs. in advance of garbage day. If using bags - please secure. City Staff will not pick up garbage from damaged bags or containers. Please do not put paint, chemicals, electronics into the city trash. Thank you.

 Yard Waste

Small yard waste is picked up every Wednesday afternoon after the regular garbage pickup. Yard waste must be in yard waste bags which can be purchased at City Hall (1 large bag for $1.50) or any other store that carries them. Sticks and twigs must be bundled. You may dispose of large yard waste at the compost area located by the Sewer Plant. Please call City Hall for questions.


Recycling pickup is every other Tuesday. Items to recycle include plastic, tin cans, newspapers, small cardboard, greeting cards, cereal or snack containers, pop cartons, shoe boxes, office paper, shredded paper, mail, tissue, magazines, catalogs, phone books, paperback books, hardback books - no covers, tissue boxes, toilet & paper towel rolls, paper egg cartons, cans for chips, water, milk, orange soft containers, food containers, detergent cleaner containers, coffee cans, foil & pans and household cleaner containers. Blue recycling bin can only be used for recyclable items ONLY, no garbage. Recycled items do not need to be separated. All containers must be CLEAN. Small cardboard should be flattened and can include corrugated, cereal boxes, pizza boxes, etc. No glass please!  Large cardboard may be brought to the City Shop on Main Street. Please do not recycle Styrofoam, plastic bags, batteries, aerosol cans, plastic toys, metal building, propane cylinders, glass window panes, any other glass item, outdoor furniture, metal scraps/materials. If recyclables are not clean or include unacceptable items, the entire container will not be picked up.


The open burning of trash, refuse, garbage, junk or salvage materials, yard waste, leaves and tree trimmings is prohibited within city limits. Outdoor cooking or burning of wood is permitted if performed in a container constructed of steel, brick or masonry and the fire is no larger than two feet in diameter.

 General Information

  • Pets. Dogs/cats (no more than 4 of one type at a residence) must remain on your own property and are not allowed to run loose or bark incessantly disturbing the neighborhood. If you walk your pets, you must maintain your pet on a leash and clean up their waste.
  • Building Permits. Building permits are required and must be approved by the Lowden City Council before any building can take place on a property. This includes sheds, house additions, garages, decks, fences, and sidewalks. Permits fees are non-refundable.
  • Snow Removal on Sidewalks. Snow removal on sidewalks must take place within 48 hrs. of a snowfall or the City will clear the snow, without notice to you, and bill you accordingly.
  • Lawn Mowing. Residents are to keep lawns mowed regularly and in a neat condition with grass not more than 6" in length. If not done so, notice will be given by the City to mow the grass or the City will mow the property and bill the resident accordingly.
  • Accumulation of Refuse. Accumulation of refuse, junk or salvage items are considered a nuisance in Lowden. Therefore, please do not accumulate junk/refuse/salvage on porches, around your house, or on your property.
  • Construction. The erection, excavation, demolition, alteration, repair, construction of any building or other property between the hours of 9:00pm - 7:00am except in the case of an emergency is prohibited.
City of Lowden, Iowa