City Job Openings & Volunteer Opportunties

The City of Lowden is proud of its non-profit volunteer Fire and EMS teams. Our modern day volunteers require more specialized skills sets. We are in constant need of professionals with specialized skill-sets from ALL backgrounds. Volunteers contributions are critical in the day-to-day operations and as a designated protectors of our community, Fire and EMS teams maybe involved in many different types of emergency events such as fires, road accidents, routine service calls, floods, railroad disasters and other major disaster events. Volunteering in these roles can be physically and mentally demanding; you will be asked to to provide exemplary service during the worst moments in people’s lives. Your training will be extensive, but you will acquire, unique useable skills as you gain experience and further your education. If you are interested in volunteer opportunties with Fire or EMS, please contact Lowden Fire Station @ 563-941-5887 and speak with the Fire Chief or EMS Director.



City of Lowden, Iowa